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Your photographer will not only record your wedding day for you they will be creating the only material thing that survives past the honeymoon. They will have to work with the Priest / Vicar or registrar, Church musicians, the reception venue staff, videographers, the car drivers, and all of your guests. You will be spending a good proportion of your day with your photographer. This means you wedding photography is more than just a service supplied.


Having spent months if not years preparing all the things that will make up your perfect day, you would be foolish not to have a professional photographer to capture each and every detail. Equally important is to have a professional finished wedding album. With lost or damaged digital files on computer drives and CD's as well as the ever changing world of storage devices, an album s a lasting investment and can be shared for years to come. It marks the begining of your  story as a family; an album is the start of your family history.

Our Wedding Photography Service

is second to none.


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